Deploy Server

Form 10 Group Inc. has many years of experience as a consulting company performing information technology (IT) implementation projects for customers in the public and private sectors. Almost all enterprise installations require the ability to properly deploy servers.  An integral component for modern IT infrastructures, servers allow organizations of all sizes to rapidly and safely store and retrieve data, provide a built-in redundancy for scheduled management tasks and communications, run multiuser applications such as email, messaging, and print servers and host scalable software packages like customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP). Servers are the engines that run all of the important information functions within an organization. It takes careful planning, trained personnel and proper risk management safeguards to have this process go smoothly.

Our deployment services team handles all aspects of deploy server activities. Up front, we ask questions designed to learn about a client’s business goals, security concerns, access requirements and ongoing support needs.  We then take the client’s accepted recommendations and transition them from wish to fulfillment.

We have experienced installation technicians, integration engineers and network teams who work cooperatively to install, configure and integrate the new server according to the customer’s specifications. We readily perform this work after hours and during weekends to minimize any disruption to the client’s ongoing operations.

Form 10 network support specialists analyze existing systems and make suggestions aimed at streaming the deploy server process.

Whether the deploy server event is a new installation or an upgrade an existing server our goal is to make the process completely seamless. We start with mirroring the current system onto the new server. We install the new server, configure roles, permissions and services, define and create Dynamic Host Configuration Protocols (DHCP) scopes, activate Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks (RAID), open necessary communication ports, run administrative tasks and test all aspects.  There are many interdependencies to consider. We ensure everything is fully functional before placing it into service.

Security is a sizeable consideration in the deploy server process. Corporate servers are likely to contain employee personal data, customer information and company financial documents. Safeguarding this information while data is migrated is a top priority. The prevalence of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and open networks on environments can complicate things. Form 10 network support specialists analyze existing systems and make suggestions aimed at streaming the deploy server process and creating sustainable and secure servers across networks and domains.

No other single part of a company’s profile touches every other core function like a network and servers.  It handles banking, books sales, controls inventory, supports customer service, manages shipping and receiving, and performs critical human resource functions too.  A properly planned and built network combined with professional network support services is essential to organizations’ success in the marketplace. This is just another area that Form 10 Group can assist your business in success.