IT Consulting Services

Organizations seek the expertise of professional consulting firms when the breadth of their IT requirements exceeds their in-house capabilities. An effective IT game plan is critical for companies to grow their business and optimize new revenue streams and to protect customer or patient information to the highest standards.  Form 10 Group has proudly featured a robust IT Consulting Services capability since 2009.  Our clients have varied expectations and desired outcomes, but our approach to problem solving and solutions providing remains consistent in every case.  When it comes to providing top tier, objective IT consulting services we believe the process is fundamental to successful outcomes.

project_scopeOur first step is to assess the Project Scope. Frequently we find the client has not fully articulated their own problem set.  We begin by gathering a comprehensive understanding of the IT consulting services needs for the client. We ask questions to fully comprehend the goals, concerns, timeline, budget, security and ongoing support needs.

Once a shared understanding of the project scope is agreed to, we transition to System Design. A system must be customized to address the specific IT requirements in each case.  The proper system is one which fully satisfies the client’s requirements while remaining secure, agile, scalable, and upgradeable without unnecessary risk.  Beyond meeting the operational needs, it is also absolutely crucial the proposed solution fit within the budget of the client

Deployment Services is where the proposed and accepted recommendations transition from wish to fulfillment.  Form 10 Group’s cadre of experienced installation technicians, integration engineers and network ninjas work hard to seamlessly install or integrate the solution. We can perform this work after hours and during weekends to minimize any disruption to the client’s ongoing operations.  Whether the work includes security software, upgrading network switches, servers, or domain controllers, or merely adding or replacing workstations our IT consulting services are nimble, professional, seasoned and customer-focused.

form10_designForm 10 Group is positioned to provide an array of ongoing support depending upon the client’s needs and internal capability to source.  From malware and virus threat assessments, merchant card services, website design, implementation and hosting to backing up data and cloud services.  The IT consulting services frontier is constantly changing with new technologies, delivery systems, and vulnerabilities.  As our clients’ trusted partner, we are obligated to stay at the forefront of new applications and methods and the latest technologies.

Form 10 Group IT Consulting Services combines objective advice and recommendations  with experience in multiple hardware and software platforms, industry leading network security measures, and a broad selection of ongoing services to help clients maintain and expand their needs.  Form 10 Group features a host of very satisfied clients ranging from large state government enterprise customers to single location professional services and retail clients, and everywhere in between.

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