IT Deployment

For more than a decade Form 10 Group has been a leader in Information Technology (IT) deployment for federal, state and local governments, large and medium sized corporations and nonprofits in nearly every U.S. state. We understand that successful IT deployment performance can provide numerous benefits to any organization.  Likewise IT deployments done improperly can cause significant problems and have lasting implications.  The payoffs are high and so are the risks.

Successful IT deployments begin with a comprehensive review of the project objectives, timeline, risk mitigation challenges, budget, and infrastructure assessment.  It includes a series of processes to include: planning, user acceptance, logistics, installation, configuration, testing and end-user training. The failure to critically consider every aspect of s project can cause a great deal of risk to business operations.   Form 10 Group has developed a proven and reliable IT deployment process which combines executive-level support, structured decision-making, and a strategy that encompasses the understanding and execution of our client’s vision.

Our skilled engineers are prepared to handle whatever challenges come their way during the IT deployment process, from the ordinary to the unexpected. Specialized project managers work closely with our clients in planning, reviewing, budgeting, and can provide market-value analysis of decommissioned assets. Form 10 Group uses systems engineers that have expertise and familiarity with a range of hardware and platform types. Frequently due to budgetary concerns, pre-owned or off-lease equipment will play a significant role in your IT deployment.  In such cases our engineers will ensure that any special installation or setup requirements are properly addressed.


Form 10 Group has developed a proven and reliable IT deployment process

Beyond having a sound delivery process and excellent people assigned to the project, flexibility and agility are required throughout.  Through our many IT deployment projects, Form 10 Group has been confronted with a range of unforeseen challenges, from a lack of adequate staging facilities, to hardware failures, software licensing, logistical concerns, and network issues. Early identification of IT deployment potential problems allows our team to quickly remedy issues should they occur, and minimize other potential challenges that would incur additional labor costs or prevent an on-time deployment. Clear communication with the client during each step of the project helps keep everyone informed of the status.   This real world experience has given us the ability to execute in a variety of situations without compromising successful project completion.

For most clients IT deployments are an infrequent occurrence which has significant potential impact on the health of their operations.  At Form 10 Group, we perform IT deployments every day.  We combine a proven process with excellent people, the and years of successful enterprise-level IT deployments.  Our clients have consistently invited us back for additional projects and have been regular referral sources for new business.