IT Service Support

IT service support has grown from a relatively obscure occupation made up primarily of computer savvy individuals into a large industry.  This growth mirrors the reliance that modern organizations place on their Information Technology (IT) presence.  No other single part of a company’s profile is more broadly integrated with other functions as its network and related IT services.  Automation handles banking, books sales, controls inventory, supports customer service, manages shipping and receiving, and performs critical human resource functions too.  A properly planned and built network requires professional IT service support to maintain a company’s relevance and competitive advantage in the marketplace.

This now mature IT service support industry is comprised of many types of participants.  They range from the Fortune 500 traditional hardware manufacturers and other corporate players with large consulting divisions all the way down to mom and pop operations with 10-20 small business clients. With industry growth expected to continue to outpace growth in other sectors, new competitors continue to emerge.  With so many choices, the decision of selecting an IT service support partner has become challenging.

Form 10 Group has been providing IT support services to a broad list of clients across the size spectrum.  We have routinely performed statewide enterprise-level projects including thousands of workstations, servers, related appliances and peripheral devices.   Form 10 has worked in nearly every U.S, state and has performed IT support services for organizations with million dollar IT budgets down to single office medical professionals in our home town.  With our origins in the Silicon Valley during the early 2000’s, Form 10 Group features operations centers and highly skilled employees on both coasts and affiliates spread across the country.  100% of our IT service support professionals have passed background checks to qualify them to work in the most secure IT network environments.

Form 10 Group has been providing IT support services to a broad list of clients across the size spectrum.

Budgets may differ depending on an organization’s size, but the need for high quality, professional IT service support remains consistent regardless of industry, organization size, or geography. Contemporary IT service support challenges like e-commerce, cloud computing, and regulatory compliance are just as critical to address as traditional problems like, network speed, firewall rules, VLAN implementation, server support, selection of ISP provider, network scalability, password security, web services, and virus and malware protection.

In addition to installation and ongoing support for an IT infrastructure are two important considerations which are often overlooked.  These are software integration/customization and change management.  New software installation requires customization and migration from legacy systems.  This frequently includes add-on modules to properly interface the data with the new application.  Whether the new system is ERP, CRM, CFM, a combination therein or something altogether different, employees need training on how to use these new automation tools.  It is natural for employees to resist change preferring to do thing the old way, rather than embrace the new.  There are hundreds of case studies which pinpoint a failure in employee acceptance as reasons for major IT debacles.  Form 10 Group has been providing employee training on new systems for more than 10 years.  We offer the ability to perform onsite user training in classroom settings and “go-live” support where our staff assists employees during the first days with the new systems.  This approach significantly enhances the likelihood of success during this transformation.  We can also offer remote refresher training and develop, new employee training curriculum as the workforce turns over.

The unique combination of experience, resume, national presence and flexibility should make Form 10 Group a finalist for your IT service support needs.