Network Support Services

Organizations of all sizes require ongoing network support services. Today’s networks are a complicated array of servers, switches, routers, firewalls, VLANs and modems. A critical part of success in today’s business environment is having a modern network which supports the all of a company’s business objectives coupled with a strong network support services plan.  Now in its 12th year of operations, Form 10 Group is well positioned to offer quality network support services to organizations all of sizes and in the corporate, government and nonprofit sectors.  We have highly trained staff on both coasts and a nationwide footprint of service provider affiliates to provide onsite or remote assistance, repair and upgrade services for clients everywhere.

When it comes to network support services requirements, most organizations have a common goal – optimizing core business goals while minimizing security risks and network downtime. Networks come in varying sizes and scopes.  Most are adequate, but far from optimal.  Many clients think “bigger is better”. There are equal if not greater risks to networks that are overly elaborate and comprised of dated, non-compatible hardware using differing standards than those faced by too small, too slow, underdeveloped networks.   The correct network is one which is has the proper architecture and scale, modern processing speeds, acceptable redundancy, best of breed security measures combined with high quality and consistent network support services.

At Form 10 Group, we know network support services.

Once the proper network is constructed and properly maintained, another vital component of network support services is regular review and analysis to assess the network’s continued suitability.  This can include, but is not limited to: ongoing security threat assessments, firewall rules reviews, cloud services interoperability, merchant card processing initiatives, integration and effective use of VLANs, CRM and CFM considerations, server maintenance and upgrade assessments, and ISP capability and value reviews.  Just as consultation with an architect would be pursued if a building was to be enlarged, proper consultation with a qualified network support services provider is essential when considering the potential build-out of a network.

It is not uncommon for a company to underinvest in its network or fail to regularly and objectively assess its adequacy.  With a host of competing organizational expenditures, network modernization efforts can easily deferred to other priorities.  When it comes to network status, the old adage, “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” could be better stated, “If it’s not robust, nimble, secure, scalable and fast while supporting all of our desired applications and serving all of our organizational goals, take immediate action”.

No other single part of a company’s profile touches every other core function like a network.  It handles banking, books sales, controls inventory, supports customer service, manages shipping and receiving, and performs critical human resource functions too.  A properly planned and built network combined with professional network support services is essential to an organization’s success in the marketplace.

At Form 10 Group, we know network support services.