System Deployment

System deployment is the transitional process within the acquisition cycle where an organization takes a proposed solution and puts it into operation. This process includes planning and logistics, testing installation, training and ongoing operational readiness. Form 10 Group has been a key player in the systems deployment industry for more than 10 years. Their experience in system deployment includes clients in federal, state and local governments, large and medium sized corporations and nonprofits in nearly every U.S. state. The Form 10 team knows this is a complex endeavor which requires a broad set of skills, from planning and logistics to hardware, software and networking expertise and end-user training.  Our team has the experience to set realistic expectations, provide qualified professional personnel at every level throughout the process.  We have the systems knowledge and troubleshooting discipline to execute whether the project includes a handful or several thousand units.

During all system deployments Form 10 Group takes care to minimize any disruption to our client’s ongoing operations. We carefully consider and organization’s hours of operation, scheduled maintenance windows, system back-up schedules and other routines prior to proposal of a master schedule. This is accomplished by creating a customized and detail implementation plan that will act as a road map during the system deployment. The plan assists in defining and scheduling all tasks, time tables for completing tasks, and accounting for any logistical concerns. If the new system is replacing a legacy system, it is crucial to have considered risk mitigation strategies like failover testing and reversion plans.  Form 10 knows that when unforeseen conditions arise, maintaining the plan’s structure will help minimize disruptions and keep all parties on track toward an on time delivery.

Form 10 Group has been a key player in the systems deployment industry for more than 10 years.

Following the planning process, any successful system deployment needs to have completed a thorough User Acceptance Testing (UAT) where the client’s own employees can run the test systems through real-world usage scenarios to ensure the proposed solution is both responsive and robust.  Following UAT Form 10 advocates implementation of pilot systems where systems are installed on operational networks to provide a rigorous stress test prior to the installation phase of system deployment.

During installation our experienced team of field technicians, integration engineers, and network specialists go to work seamlessly installing or integrating the new solution. Deploying structured and repeatable procedures provides the necessary checks and balances needed for a successful system deployment.

Effective user training is an integral part of system deployment. It is natural for employees to resist change preferring to do thing the old way, rather than embrace the new.  There are hundreds of case studies which pinpoint a failure in employee acceptance as reasons for major IT debacles.  Form 10 Group has been providing employee training on new systems for years.  We offer the ability to perform onsite user training in classroom settings and “go-live” support where our staff assists employees during the first days with the new systems.  This approach significantly enhances the likelihood of success during this transformation.  We can also offer remote refresher training and develop, new employee training curriculum as the workforce turns over.

Years of experience and a resume featuring numerous successful large scale projects has positioned Form 10 Group as a leader in the system deployment industry.